Speak at CARTA Board Meeting Oct. 17

An image of the East Cooper CARTA Riders advocating at the Blessing of the Fleet in Mt. Pleasant, South CarolinaTwice a year Hungryneck Straphangers goes to the CARTA Board Meeting to update our elected and appointed officials on the status of the Transit system East of the Cooper.  We’ll be attending the CARTA Board Meeting Wednesday, Oct. 17 meeting 2 pm.  While anyone can speak during the public comment period and we hope you do, four members will be speaking about major issues of concern in improving public transit bus service in our area.

  • Ann Owens- Bus Stop locations and improvements needed
  • Vernon Owen- 401 East Cooper Ann OwensConnector Route Performance
  • William Hamilton- 40 Trans Mount Pleasant Route Performance & Future Ridership development
  • Kurt Khelenbeck- Intersection Crossing rider issues with an emphasis on JDB & Houston Northcutt

You can sign up to attend the meeting on Facebook if you like at http://www.facebook.com/events/113485745470386/

Agenda and Board Reports are now online http://www.ridecarta.com/news-info/reports-meeting-notices

Bus Directions from Downtown to Lonnie Hamilton County Office Building, Meeting Location http://goo.gl/maps/9J3FE

If you plan to speak, we’re going to try to wear red to the meeting.  It’s very helpful to the board of you bring twenty copies of something written concerning what you are going to talk about.  If it involves a location on the system, an image or map is very helpful.  If people are still trying to figure out where or what something is, they’re not listening to you yet.

We’ll see you there.  If you have questions call William Hamilton (843) 870-5299 or eamil wjhamilton29464@gmail.com.

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