Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit

North Charleston, SC- Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit will announce it’s formation during the public comment period of the CARTA board meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 17.  The meeting will begin at 1:30 pm and will be held on the Second Floor of the Lonnie Hamilton County Office Building, 4045 Bridge View Dr., Charleston, SC 29405 (CARTA […]

Truckers for Transit

Charleston, SC- We’re just hitching up.  Please return for more information on the effort to make the Lowcountry’s Transportation system, port and trucking industry work together better for everyone. Better transit means less time on the road for everyone:transit riders, automobile drivers and truckers. Cherney wrote a blogpost about riding the bus as part of […]

Regional Rail, Do or Do Not Nov. 17

Notice- The Final of three meetings on possible regional transit options will be held tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 19 at North Charleston High School at 6 pm.  A new organization, Best Friend’s of Low-country Transit is planning a community visioning empowerment event in February to help drive the official process faster and in a more advanced […]

Candidates and Officials Who Have been on the Bus with Us

This page will begin with our efforts during the special Congressional election of 2013 and contains listings only for the candidates who have taken a formal bus with us ride with Hungryneck Straphangers.  It’s possible other leaders and candidates have also been on transit.  Please communicate with the campaigns directly before making your decisions about […]

Vote Today for Better Lowcountry Transit

The polls are now open. You can contact either political party for a door to door ride: Charleston County Democrats 843-271-5569; contact Charleston County Republicans.  Polls close at 7 pm. Every Lowcountry election is about Transit.  Hundreds of thousands of voters in SC don’t have a car to drive or a license. At any given time […]