Mon. May 16- Route Performance Review & Planning Meeting

East Cooper CARTA Riders will hold its first formal Route Performance Review and Planning Meeting on Monday, May 16 at 6 pm.  The meeting will be held at Page’s Thieves Market at 1460 Ben Sawyer Boulevard, in Mount Pleasant, SC.  The meeting will start as soon as participants arriving on the inbound #401 bus can arrive from the Ben Sawyer / Rifle Range stop located 2 blocks West and end in time to catch the outbound 401 a little over an hour later. The meeting is open to the interested and supportive public.  Full details can be found at

Volunteers headed out from Mt Pleasant Town Hall to raise transit awareness

An All American City sends out volunteers to raise transit awareness


Send your suggestions to or use our website input form.

  1. Reports from the Route Committees for the #401 East Cooper Connector Route,
  2. Route Committee Report for #40 Trans Mt. Pleasant
  3. Organization of Committee for #402 Island Flex (Bus to the Beach).
  4. Prioritize goals for stop and route improvement over the summer to present to the CARTA board later that week.
  5. The Daniel Island committee will present their report on efforts to connect Daniel Island to transit hubs in Mount Pleasant and N. Charleston.
  6. Review final plans for and volunteer recruitment efforts for the ECCO Transit effort set for May 21 in Snowden and Six Mile.
  7. Recognition of Student Volunteers
  8. A comment period will be recorded on Video to post on YouTube so those who can’t attend the CARTA board meeting have the opportunity to be heard.

For more information see the website or contact William Hamilton at or (843) 870-5299.

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Jingle Buss

A rolling holiday celebration is coming the the center of the Mount Pleasant Christmas Festival on the Jingle Bus.