New 40, 41 Bus Routes Start Sunday

Linda Page, whom is a member of the Mt. Pleasant Town Council

Linda Page, Mt. Pleasant Town Council, Vice Chair CARTA Board stands next to the door of a CARTA bus.  She kept East Cooper buses from being sent to other parts of the county.  A summer bus service for IOP & Sullivans is being considered.

Service on the new 41 Coleman Blvd. Route will begin Monday, Feb. 25 and improved service on the 40 Trans Mount Pleasant bus begins Sunday.  Thanks to our East Cooper CARTA Board Representatives and local leaders for maintaining our share of CARTA services.  We’ve also learned the first three new bus stop benches will be installed thanks to Mayor Swails shortly, with over 400 thousand dollars in CARTA provided bus stop improvements planned county wide this year.  We were also able to retain Tel-A-Ride coverage on the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island.

  1. New 40 Route Page updated, now running more frequently.
  2. New 41 Map and Schedule   Runs every 70 minutes directly from Downtown Charleston, Visitor’s Center through the Ravenel Gateway Hotel District, Veterans Memorial Waterfront Park, Patriot’s Point, Wingo Way to Coleman Blvd. past Rifle Range and back to the City on the Same Route.
  3. Notice from CARTA on Feb. 2013 route changes
  4. Service on the 401 & 402 Routes ends Saturday, Feb. 23

To retain these new bus routes and the additional frequence on the 40, we must increase the number of people riding the bus.  If we do not reach ridership standards, service can be cut or cancelled.  If you would like to help with that effort, please contact Hungrneck Straphangers immediately.


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