Public Transit Connects Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital

CARTA bus stop at Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital

CARTA bus stop at Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital

Three Public Transit services connect Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital to locations throughout Charleston County with service arriving at and departing from the Hospital every 40 minutes, 14 hours a day Monday through Friday, all day Saturday and limited service every hour on Sunday.  At left is a picture of the main stop for the Hospital, which has a garden with seating nearby where you can wait for the bus.  It’s located towards the West end of the hospital, to the left as you exit the front of the building and has a wooden bench.  This is several hundred feet North of the location indicated on Google Transit at the time this page was prepared.

  1. The Hospital is served by the CARTA 40 Trans Mt. Pleasant Bus, which runs between Wando High School and the Visitor’s Center in Downtown Charleston, where it connects to seven other bus lines, including the free downtown DASH bus service.
  2. You can also use the Tri County Link C203 Bus (a separate system not on Google Transit) for bus trips North to Awendaw and McClellenville.
  3. Disabled persons may qualify for Tel-A-Ride door to door par transit services provided by CARTA as well.   A companion may ride with you on Tel-A-Ride if you wish.

All vehicles used by all these services are wheelchair accessible. It’s now possible to plan trips throughout the CARTA system using Google Transit on your computer, tablet or smart phone which will generate a detailed trip plan with maps which you can printout or email. The basic fare to downtown Charleston is online $1.75, with discounts for the disabled and Senior Citizens. Transfers for connecting to other routes are only thirty cents.Google Transit Trip Plans from the Hospital to Other Locations.

Riding Smart and Connected To and From the Hospital

Online tools will help you save money paying for your bus trips with a pass, allow you to plan your trips using Google Transit online, let you check ETAs for your bus at your stop and allow you to use Twitter to obtain advisories from CARTA.  See our ride smart and connected page for details.

Tri County Link Mascott with bus

A Tri County Link bus connects the Hospital to Awendaw and McClellenville

Here are some sample trips on public transit from the Hospital to other locations in the area. You can revers the trip by clicking the reverse tool on the right side of the Start Point and Destination Fields in the Google Trip plan to calculate trips to the Hospital from these locations.

Save stress, money and enjoy a relaxing ride to and from Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital using these public transit options.

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