East Cooper Bus Routes

Riding Smart and Internet Connected

Bus Tracker on Smart Phone

This is a screen capture of bus tracker on an Android type smart phone. A third ETA can be reached by scrolling down on the phone

CARTA Transit in now Internet enabled.  You can plan any trip on the system, across multiple routes now and in the near future using Google Transit.  Once you have your trip planned, you can get real time ETA’s for the next buses due at your stop using bus tracker.  Twitter provides updates. Electronic passes save time and money We have a full page on these new capabilities Ride Smart and Connected

Trans Mt. Pleasant – Route #40

The 40 Trans Mount Pleasant Route  links Mount Pleasant running from Wando High School  to Downtown Charleston and is the area’s longest running bus route, having been on the road East of the Cooper since at least the 1950s.  It’s experienced huge ridership growth in the past year.  It bring people into Mount Pleasant to work, allows students at Wando High School a ride home following after school activities and is popular with tourists who stay at Hotels in Mt. Pleasant along the route and use it to travel to downtown Charleston where it connects with the free DASH bus service in the historic district.

41 Coleman Blvd.

The #41 Coleman Blvd. began running Feb. 25 between the Visitor’s Center in Downtown Charleston, over the Ravenel Bridge around the Ravenel Gateway District, along Coleman Blvd. out to the BI-LO Shopping Center on Ben Sawyer Blvd, (near Pages Thieves Market.  It also connects visitors to Patriot’s Point and College of Charleston students to the C of C Athletic Center at Patriot’s Point.  Visitors can use the 41 to Park Pleasantly and Play downtown, combining lower rates and better amenities in Mount Pleasant’s hotels to Historic Charleston, while avoiding parking charges for the price of a bus ticket.  Unlike the 40 all Ravenel Gateway Hotels can access this bus line without anyone having to cross a highway on foot.

Express 2 Commuter to Work

A side view of the Express bus in Downtown Charleston, SC.The CARTA 2 Express Bus provides commuters to and from Downtown Charleston with a swift trip to work or downtown during which they can relax, use their electronic devices or chat with friends while CARTA sweats the traffic. The wall of massive SUVs around you which makes life so miserable in a Prius, arne’t a problem in the massive busses CARTA runs for Express Service, which feature forward facing upholstered seating, climate controlled interiors and large windows.

Tel-A-Ride Paratransit

Tel A Ride Paratransit Service  is a CARTA transportation service for the disabled.  All CARTA vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts, but many disabled riders need door to door transportation.  A companion can ride with the disabled passenger.

Tri County Link C203

Tri County link operates a rural “flagstop” bus route Route  C203 which connects McClellenville, Awendaw & the extreme Northern parts of Mt. Pleasant to CARTA’s East Cooper Services.  This route runs all the way North to McClellenville generally along and parallel to highway 17.  The North end of the line is McCellenville Town Hall.  Service begins on weekdays at 5:15 am.  There are four runs per day in each direction, the last arriving in McClellenville at 7:42 pm.

Bus Service to Charleston International Airport, Amtrak & Greyhound

Amtrak Station in Charleston, SC

Amtrak Station in Charleston, SC. Front Entrance.

Airport- Three CARTA Services Connect the East Cooper Area to the Charleston Airport, both connecting with our three routes at the Charleston Visitor’s Center downtown.  The savings are huge and at some times the trip can be quick as well. The lowest possible cost for the trip at regular fare is $2.05 vs. a $45 Cab or Limo Trip (more to or from the beaches). The shortest possible trip from the Express Stop at Wando Crossing Shopping Center Park and Ride to the Airport is 48 Minutes. The NASH Express now provides a quick 22 minute trip from downtown to the Airport for $3. We have a detailed web page on getting to and from the Charleaston Airport to East Cooper.

The Grayhound station is also on the #11 Dorchester Airport Route.    You can board the #11 at the Mary Street Transit Center, on the North Side of the Visitor’s Center Parking Garage.  In addition to the Visitor’s Center Stop, the #11 makes local stops along it’s entire route up the Charleston Neck and through North Charleston.

Amtrak can be reached on the #10 River’s Ave. Route.  The walk from the nearest stop is a bit ugly and unsafe at night.  Our Amtrak Station is rundown, but clean and well taken care of by it’s dedicated staff.  It will soon be replaced by a magnificent new regional transit hub which will connect CARTA, Greyhound and Amtrak Services.  We have a page on the Intermodal Passenger Transportation Center in historic Liberty Hill.

Service to the Beach

There is no regular bus service to any beach in the Charleston area at this time.  Some plans for a seasonal service in the summer are being discussed.  Tel-A-Ride service is still available on Sullivan’s Island and most of the Isle of Palms for the disabled.  We’ve put up some suggestions on how people on the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island can make most of the trip to and from Charleston on Transit, important when part of the family wants to go downtown and part wants to stay at the beach.

Public Transit Elsewhere in South Carolina

See SCIway’s Public Transit page.  http://www.sciway.net/gov/sc-buses-public-transportation.html