41 Coleman Blvd.

Update On December 13, 2015 the #41 Coleman Blvd. will be transformed into the Jingle Bus with prizes, music and holiday fun.  Anyone can ride with a free pass validated by a participating local merchant. see list. Prizes will also be awarded to Merchants for getting people to ride that day.  Full details are on our Jingle Bus webpage.

The Coleman Blvd. 41 Bus serves the Southern side of Mount Pleasant, running between the Visitor’s Center in Downtown Charleston, over the Ravenel Bridge, through Patriot’s Point, along Coleman and Ben Sawyer Blvds. to Rifle Range Road, where it makes a turn around loop with an end of the line stop at the BI-LO Shopping Center there by the Goodyear Service Center.  It runs every 70 minutes and is a fixed, regular fare route.  It uses a full sized bus and occasionally a smaller bus.

CARTA bus on Shem Creek Bridge, Mount Pleasant, SC

The CARTA Coleman Blvd. 41 crosses the Shem Creek Bridge in Mount Pleasant.  There is a great view of the Shrimping Fleet from this location.  Sit on the right side of the bus for the best view here and on the spectacular Ravenel Bridge.

The 41 Coleman Blvd. bus provides transit for the Shem Creek district, Old Village area and the evolving downtown Mount Pleasant being created along Coleman Blvd.  It executes a loop through Patriot’s Point, Waterfront Memorial Park and Wingo way going in each direction which provides direct access to downtown Charleston from all the hotels in the Ravanel Gateway District without requiring quests or employees to cross a major highway to access it’s stops.  This is expected to be a popular route for those visitors planning to “Park Pleasantly and Play Downtown.”

Visitors from Charleston can use this route to see Mount Pleasant’s Historic Old Village, The Shem Creek area (including the new park), Patriot’s Point and Waterfront Park.  They can take this bus out from the Charleston Visitor’s Center to the Old Village and work their way back through Shem Creek to Patriot’s Point and Waterfront park, returning to the city on either this or the CARTA 40 Bus Route, which runs more frequently.

Route Maps and Schedules

Clicking on the Google Transit links will generate a map and times for the next four runs of this route.  You can modify these Google Transit requests to reach anywhere on the system, connecting, when necessary, between multiple bus lines, from anywhere in Mount Pleasant.

Paper Schedules are available on board the bus, at the Bowman Road Kmart Customer Service Desk in Mount Pleasant, at Going Postal in the BI-LO Shopping Plaza on Ben Sawyer Blvd. at the Charleston Visitor’s Center downtown.  and at the CARTA administrative offices on John Street in Downtown Charleston.  Paper schedules were also delivered to the front desk of all Ravanel Gateway and Patriot’s Point Hotels on Feb. 24, 2013.

Description of Route

CARTA bus to Mount Pleasant Coleman Blvd. at Vistor's Center

CARTA Coleman Blvd. 41 Bus at Start of Route, Charleston Visitor’s Center.  DASH stops are around the corner.  The Airport Bus stops on the other side of the Visitor’s Center in the large open bus shed.

The 41 Coleman Blvd. Bus begins and ends its 70 minute run outbound from Charleston in front of the Charleston Visitor’s Center on Meeting Street between Anne and John, directly across from the Charleston Museum.  There is a large shelter with seating there.  Both large and small buses are used in this route.  The main DASH bus stop is just around the corner. 150 feet West at 36 John Street, across from the Hampton Inn. where free bus transportation throughout the city can be found.  The CARTA administrative offices are also located by the stop where you can buy discount bus passes and get printed schedules for all routes. The stop for the NASH Express Bus to Charleston International Airport is located behind the Visitor’s Center in the large open shed.

Unfortunately John Street is sometimes very congested and it can take the 41 as long as ten minutes to round the block.  If you arrive at the Meeting Street/Visitor’s Center late, you can walk two blocks North to the Mary Street Transit Center, which is to the Left/West of Meeting next to the Parking Garage and often beat the bus there on a weekend or heavy traffic day. If you are coming from the East Side just walk North to the first 40/41 Stop on N. Meeting.

The second stop on the route is the Mary Street Transit Center, the hub for all CARTA transportation in the City of Charleston.  Trips anywhere in the region using these and other routes can now be planned online using Google Transit.  Routes Stopping at Mary Street include:

  • Mount Pleasant 40 for trips to the Northern Parts of Mount Pleasant
  • King Street Citadel 20 to reach Broad Street, the Citadel and uptown
  • Dorchester Airport 11  for reaching our Greyhound Station, Airport and North Charleston Colosseum/Hotel Complex
  • Rivers Ave. #10 for trips North, CARTA’s busiest route
  • Routes running around the city, to James Island and West Ashley.

If you have a little time to wait for a bus, the Charleston Tea Company on the South Side of the Garage offers tea, coffee and food and the Mary Street Transit center can be reached from there while walking through the garden at the center of this award winning parking structure, while staying out of the rain.  You can use Veolia Bus Tracker to watch for your bus and head for the stop two minutes before the bus is due. After stopping at Mary Street, the 41 makes several Stops headed N. on Meeting, where it connects with the Express Buses running North to North Charleston and Summerville,  However people making that transfer should dismount before reaching the end of the line at the Visitors Center, on their inbound trip, to avoid delay.

Walk Wonder’s Way on the Ravenel Bridge

The Bus turns right about a mile up Meeting Street to cross the landmark Ravenel Bridge, which has a spectacular pedestrian and cycling path Wonder’s Way on it’s seaward side.  Taking the 41 out from the Visitor’s Center and walking back over the bridge is a great way to enjoy Wonders Way, named for a the champion cyclist who fought to have the walkway added to the bridge before being killed by a man driving a pickup truck in Goose Creek. Wonders was on the verge of qualifying for the US Olympic Team when he was killed and didn’t live to see the project completed.

To walk Wonder’s Way, take the 41 or 40 Mount Pleasant Bus from the Visitor’s Center and dismount at the first or Second Stop past the Bridge.  Remember to use the bathroom at the Gas Station near the stop first and walk back across the bridge, which takes most people over an hour.  Once back in Charleston, walk South along East Bay Street to Chapel, turn right/west/inland and walk through the Wraggsboro Neighborhood back to the Visitor’s Center.  A lovely park and the Charleston Museum will be along your route.  You can view the best walking route back into the City on Google Maps.  There is a slightly shorter route through the city to the Visitor’s Center but portions of the East Side neighborhood can be unsafe at times.  It is very windy on the bridge, so dress appropriately.  Wonder’s Way offers panoramic views of Charleston Harbor, Patriot’s Point, the Skyline of the City and the Port of Charleston.  The walk gets rave reviews on Trip Advisor.

Patriot’s Point /  College of Charleston Athletic Center

The bus next enters Patriot’s Point where you’ll find the Aircraft Carrier Yorktown, Medal of Honor Museum, Two Hotels, Two other museum ships and a major marina.  Patriot’s Point is also home to the College of Charleston Athletic Center which students can reach from the downtown campus for free by using their Student ID as a bus pass. People staying at the Hotels or Marina can “park pleasantly and play downtown” by using the 41 bus to vacation with lower rates and more elaborate amenities in Mount Pleasant while avoiding the hassle of taking an automobile into the congested streets of Charleston.  Tourists can also use the 41 to travel directly from the Visitor’s Center downtown to Patriot’s Point, avoiding an expensive cab ride and allowing them to enjoy their vacation without resorting to a cab or private automobile.  A water taxi also links Patriot’s Point to Charleston when you want a different way to experience the trip.  Google Transit trip from the College of Charleston to Patriot’s Point

Climbing Mount Pleasant

By now, you’re probably wondering when the bus will get to “Mount Pleasant.”  It’s all been pretty flat up to now and it’s not going to get any more mountainous ahead.  In fact, the highest point in Mount Pleasant is Patriot’s Point (about 1200 feet SE of the stop on the Patriot’s Point Round-a-bout.  Patriot’s Point was constructed on a 20 foot high pile of material dredged to deepen Charleston Harbor with the remains of the old dikes reaching heights of 24 feet.  The Mount Pleasant was a large sand hill on the edge of the Harbor in the Old Village which stood here in the early 19th. century, reputedly over forty feet tall.  It was carried off to be used as fill for low lying areas long ago.  That account is disputed.  People can’t agree on where the “Mount” was.  If you want to gain some elevation, the Ravenel Bridge Wonders Way bike and pedestrian path is your best option.  There is also a wonderful nature trail which reaches that highest point in the community in Patriot’s point, running from a small parking are near the CofC athletic complex to a lookout on the harbor with bus stops on this route near both ends.

CARTA bus stopped at Mount Pleasant Waterfront Memorial Park.

CARTA bus stopped at Mount Pleasant Waterfront Memorial Park.  Both large and small buses are used on this route.

Mount Pleasant Waterfront Memorial Park

After going out into Patriot’s Point and circling the round-a-bout with the three faces of war monument in it’s center, the bus goes back by the Athletic Complex and turns on to Harry Hallman Blvd. to go to Waterfront Memorial Park.  At this stop, you’ll find a 1500 foot fishing pier, the Sweetgrass Pavillion where Mount Pleasant’s Signature coil Baskets are made and a 15 acre park.

Wingo Way Hotels

After passing through the Park, the 41 runs along Wingo Way where you will find several Hotels, including some of the most economical ones in the region.  You can stay here for One Hundred Dollars less a night than downtown Charleston, park your car in the parking lot, take the 41 downtown directly to the visitor’s center, and the kids get a big pool and larger room.  You’ll avoid downtown parking garage fees, traffic congestion and wherever you go on the DASH bus system, you’ll never need to move or backtrack to your car.  The inbound bus to Charleston should be boarded from the stop on the North side of the road.  There are six hotels on Wingo Way including Sleep Inn, 299 Wingo Way, Mt Pleasant, SC; (Holiday Inn) 250 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC (backs up on Wingo Way) and Extended Stay America Charleston at 304 Wingo Way.  Here is a Google Maps link to the relevant Wingo Way bus stop, which has a small green bench our organization placed there for inbound riders headed to Charleston.  You can use the “search nearby” Google mapping function to locate and map the hotels in the area from the link for this bus stop.

Houston Northcut/Partriot’s Plaza/Mount Pleasant Town Hall

A Google Map overview of the stops on the Houston Northcutt portion of the 401After crossing Johnnie Dodds Blvd. the bus stops near Mount Pleasant Town Hall where it connects with the #40 Mount Pleasant Bus Route.  This area includes easy access to another Hotel, the Red Roof Inn, two Grocery Stores, ten restaurants, the Cinebarr Movie Theater, and a Starbucks conveniently near the bus stop.  We have a detailed page on this Houston Northcutt stop.

The area you have been traveling through since leaving the bridge is known as the “Ravenel Gateway District.”  The 41 bus completes a loop which provides access to all 12 hotels, Patriot’s Point, Waterfront Memorial Park, Town Hall and the Houston Northcut commercial district without ever requiring someone who needs to access a stop to cross a highway on foot.  The #40 Mount Pleasant Bus also goes through this area, every 40 minutes weekdays and hourly on Sunday.  People looking for a great place to live will find some modestly priced housing in this area to rent or own with great local amenities and East Cooper’s most robust transit connections to downtown, to which we have three buses on two routes an hour as well as easy pedestrian and cycling connections to the city.  The Town has estensive improvements planned for this area and additional commercial development is also planned.

Coleman Blvd.

The bus turns left on to Coleman Blvd., Mount Pleasant’s evolving “Main Street.”  This former suburban arterial highway is being redeveloped by a patchwork of public and private initiatives carefully coordinated by the Mount Pleasant Planning Department.

Consignment Shop Jewelry Display

Jewelry Display at Coleman Blvd. Consignment sho

The Section of Coleman Blvd. between Houston Northcutt and Shem Creek claims a lot of interesting, often funky local businesses.  You’ll find a fascinating network of musically oriented businesses here where you can find airbrushed ukuleles, repairs, guitar lessons, drum kits and band equipment. scattered along the South Side of the Road in and near Peach Orchard Plaza.  We’ve got four consignment shops. There are several places to eat and Metto Coffee, a wonderful locally owned, independent coffee & Sandwich shop with Wi-Fi.  There is a hair shop where the man wielding the scissors has a set of braids which are cooler than anything that will every hang off my head in this lifetime.  Some people still sew and cook and there are shops where they’ll show you the finer points of doing both in this area.  They buy gold here and warm up customers by grinding out smoothies when you hand over your old chains.

This apparently organically evolved district features an absence of empty storefronts which indicates something remarkable is happening.  You can play corn hole at Junita Greenberg’s, while you sip a Margarita and wait for your smart phone to tell you the bus is coming.  Nobody would have imagined such a thing back when I was locking my ten speed to a power pole guy wire here back in 1977 to take the old IOP bus downtown.  It’s great to see Mount Pleasant maintaining local character.  We’ll worth getting off the bus and taking a look around.  Don’t ask questions here, request stories.  Accept the offer of a smoothie.  Talk to the dean of the district at the Guitar shop.  Pluck out a tune on one of those tie die airbrushed ukuleles.

Somebody did a loose job managing and planning all of this and something amazing happened.  Even the Jiffy Lube has a sense of humor.

Shem Creek

The bus crosses Shem Creek and if you sit on the right hand side of the bus, you’ll have a great view of what remains of our town’s Fishing port.  See the detailed website about Shem Creek, ours fun and historic working fishing waterfront.  There are still about eight shrimp boats working out of Shem creek and you can find competitively priced, wild caught local seafood along both sides of the creek year round, with the greatest bounty in the summer and fall.  You’ll need a cooler to get it home on the bus, or several fine restaurants will let you eat it here.  They feature great views, including the busy traffic on the creek from RBs and Red’s Ice House (Mt. Pleasant’s premier “meat market” as well.”  There is a mighty panorama from Vickery’s.  The creek is also a center for watersports including kayaking, diving, sports fishing and tour cruises ranging from Eco cruises to a bone pounding fifty knot trip on the Thriller.  The Shem Creek Inn offers waterfront lodging, a pool and another opportunity to Park Pleasantly and Play Downtown.  Some of these businesses are located upstream of the bridge in and near “The Common.”

The new Shem Creek Park is free and just steps from a bus stop.  The park includes bathrooms and over half a mile of dock and shelters along which to enjoy the creek and marsh.  The grassy marshes which surround the creek are one of the Earth’s most productive ecosystems and ultimate source of the seafood which teams along our coast. The grass generates almost 100 pounds of biomass per square meter, which decays and feeds the small organisms which support the food chain all the way to the seafood restaurants along the creek.   This area is dense with history as well, including varied industrial concerns, fishing, ship building, salt production, turtle harvesting, lumber and rice milling using tidal power.  A flanking movement by the British was halted here with a battle during the American Revolution.

Old Village and Central Coleman Blvd.

Beyond the Creek the bus comes to the traditional center of Mount Pleasant, now the object of a program to evolve this highway into a badly needed main street for our town.  The town long outgrew it’s transitional main street several blocks to the South in the Old Village.

CARTA Bus stopped at location of Mount Pleasant Farmers Market near Moultrie Middle School on Coleman Blvd. in Mount Pleasant, SC, USA

Bus stopped at location of Mount Pleasant Farmer’s Market on Coleman Blvd. Please note that actual bus stops are on Coleman Blvd. East and West of this location.

You’ll find over twenty restaurants here.  There is an antique mall in Moultrie Plaza.  Moultrie Middle School has been rebuilt with a traditional architecture patterned after Mount Pleasant Academy, the town’s first major school.  The sheds for Mt. Pleasant’s wonderful Tuesday evening Farmer’s Market are on the corner just beyond the creek and it’s open April through May.

If you are curious about our Towns 340 year history, there is a great bus stop here which will introduce you to it, just past Moultrie Middle School.  We’ve carved a detailed, inclusive timeline of our history into the stones which line the walk through a pocket park here, which is also the site of CARTA hinge, where an enigmatic semicircle of stones invite people to wait for the bus.  The stop also has a porch swing.  This small park is a work in progress with platforms for ready for whatever our descendants choose to put on them in the future.  This park is a great location to launch an exploration of our nationally famous “Old Village” which you may have seen in the film Rich in Love years ago.  There are dozens of historic sites in the Old Village and the nationally famous Pitt Street Pharmacy where a real soda fountain survives.

You can download a self guided walking tour of Mount Pleasant’s historic old village that starts at this bus stop.

Stop Hinge, Mount Pleasant, SC bus stop near Moultrie Middle School

This pocket park just East of Moultrie Middle school is an outbound stop for the CARTA 41 Bus and features swings, a town history timeline carved in stone and stop hinge, this enigmatic semi circle of stones where you can sit and contemplate the nature of existence while waiting for the bus.  This is an outbound stop.

You’ll also pass the large new mixed use, residential complex under construction here, the Boulevard a leading component of an effort to people Mount Pleasant’s urban core that this new bus line supports

Further on, you’ll find another notable cluster of business presided over by the Boulevard’s leading businessman, John Royal, owner and keeper or Royal Ace Hardware.  In addition to tools and hardware, Royal has a notable selection of local specialty goods including specialized seafood cookers, limited edition books and heirloom seeds.

Beyond Royal Hardware, the bus turns left on to Rifle Range Road (named for the military rifle range where several generations of American soldiers and sailors qualified for their weapons, now long gone).

End of the Line stop for the 41 Coleman Blvd. Bus, Mount Pleasant, SC

End of the Line stop for the 41 Coleman Blvd. Bus, Mount Pleasant, SC

The bus reaches the end of the line at the BI-LO shopping Plaza on Ben Sawyer Blvd.  There are several restaurants in this shopping center and there are places at Triangle where you can enjoy food and drink with a solid view down Ben Sawyer so you can see the bus coming and dash out to the stop in plenty of time.  The bus stops next to the Goodyear and exits the Parking lot for it’s return trip to the Holy City.

Trip Back to Charleston

There is a bus stop with a wonderful Shelter in front of Sea Island Shopping Center.  For people in the area, this is the best stop for “Kiss Riders” who are often kissed good by as they’re dropped off or picked up by their often single car families.  It’s easy to enter the Sea Island Shopping Center parking lot to drop off or wait for a rider to arrive.  The shelter offers a comfortable place to wait.  There are several places to shop or eat in our area’s oldest surviving shopping center, which has gotten a bit funky and interesting as well.  You can find a bathroom.  The Piggly Wiggly sells discount electronic bus passes and keeps a stock of printed bus schedules.

Other notable stops along the return trip include Brookgreen Shopping Center which has a Starbucks right by the bus stop and will shortly have new, Southern Season which specializes in local and regional speciality foods.  Moultrie Shopping Plaza, now also 50 years old, has several places to eat and an antique mall.

Just before Shem Creek, you’ll find Page’s Okra Grill, owned by the Family of Linda Page, stalwart, determined vice chairman of the CARTA board of Directors, who has brought her auctioneers “Going, Going, Gone” ethos to dragging East Cooper Public Transit into the 21st Century.  The Okra grill offers many local dishes, nearly all served with a pod of pickled Okra, which are an exceptional value.  You can find shrimp and grits made with local shrimp when they’re in season which came off the boats docked at Shem Creek that morning.  The remarkable deserts at the Okra Grill are made there.  Linda also presides over her antique barn and auction house just East of the end of the bus line which offers a remarkable collection of curiosities and bedding.  If you see Linda or her family, thank them for their rigidly determined efforts on behalf of our transit system and community.  When Hungrneck Straphangers and the Mayor all show up on opposite sides of something wanting the same thing, it’s best to let us have it.  We wants better transit.  No, actually, we want our Town to have great Transit.  Thanks for making the journey with us.

Into the Holy City

CARTA bus stop on Houston Northcutt Blvd.

This shelter next to Whole Foods serves riders on the #40 bus headed out towards Wando HS and Riders on the 41 going in to Charleston.

After Shem Creek, you’ll continue to Coleman Blvd. and then take the loop through the Ravenel Gateway District in the opposite direction.  If you want to catch the bus into Charleston wait on the North Side of Wingo Way where the metal bench surrounded by a wooden wall.  Trips into the city from Houston Northcutt should be started from the Shelter near Whole Foods for the 41, which is different form the inbound stop for the 40 across the street with the concrete benches.  Check with the driver in Patriot’s Point to be sure the bus you are boarding is inbound or outbound since the route out to and back from the round-a-bout is identical in each direction.  The last stop for the 41 inbound is about 100 feet South of Coleman Blvd on Patriot’s Point Blvd., near the Patriot’s Point sign, opposite the Gas Station.

When you pass WCBD TV 2 on the right side of the bus, after the turn, you’re about 10 minutes away form the Vistor’s Center Downtown.


CARTA DASH Bus at Meeting St. Piggly Wiggly, Spring St. Stop

Free DASH Bus at Spring Street Stop, Charleston, SC

The 41 Coleman Blvd. Bus connects with the #40 Mount Pleasant Bus on Houston Northcutt Blvd. in Mount Pleasant, enabling trips from one part of Mount Pleasant to the other, by traveling West to Houston Northcutt and then East towards Wando High School  Downtown the 41 connects with the free DASH Bus System, and several other routes at the Mary Street Transit Center including the #11 Dorchester Airport, #10 Rivers Ave., all three Express Bus Lines, The King Street Citadel, Savannah Highway and several others.  The Tri County Link bus to Moncks Corner connects with the 41 at Sea Island Shopping Center.

Route Status

Mayor Linda Page is leading the effort to improve bus stops along this route between Shem Creek and Sea Island Shopping Center, the CRAB district.  TIF District funding is available.  The Town is accepting input on ideas for these stops now.

The 41 Coleman Blvd. began operation on Feb. 25, 2013.  Hungryneck Straphangers is committed to a serious ridership development effort in cooperation with schools, churches, businesses and Mount Pleasant Town Government.  You can help us by making sure the people you meet, shop with and go to events with learn that the bus is operating.  You can help us by using these proven techniques to make East Cooper Transit Work.