Tri County Link C203

Logo for the TriCounty Link CharlestonService to McClellenville and Awendaw

Tri County link operates a rural “flagstop” bus route Route C203 which connects McClellenville, Awendaw & the extreme Northern parts of Mt. Pleasant to CARTA’s East Cooper Services.  This route runs all the way North to McClellenville generally along and parallel to highway 17.  The North end of the line is McCellenville Town Hall.  Service begins on weekdays at 5:15 am.  There are four runs per day in each direction, the last arriving in McClellenville at 7:42 pm.

Connecting in Mount Pleasant

Tri County link connects with CARTA’s services in Mount Pleasant at Oakland Market and Kmart where riders can transfer to the #2 Express to Downtown Charleston & Citadel Mall; the #40 Trans Mount Pleasant with local service through Mount Pleasant and to the Mary Street Transit Center and Visitors Center Downtown.  Riders can also connect to the new #401 East Cooper Connector at Kmart a map overlay of the TriCounty Linkfor transportation around Mount Pleasant.  Transfer passes between the two systems are honored, however passes for one system are not accepted on the other at present.

Rider’s Experiences

Tri County Link is a “flag stop” system where a rider is expected to flag down the bus by waiting at a safe location along the route and waving to get the driver’s attention.  It doesn’t hurt to use an item of clothing or a book to make this more effective.

Technically, CARTA no longer operates flag stop.  However, recent experience suggests that on new routes and near new stops, that it pays to wave to make sure the driver notices you.  However, CARTA buses do not make stops unless there is a stop designated on the route, not all of which are signed.

At least one rider travels between Citadel Mall and McClellenville on these two systems to get to work. She takes the Tri County Link C203 from McClellenville to Oakland Market Super Wal-Mart and the Carta #2 Express to Citadel Mall.  She uses the two hour trip to read and prepare for her day.  She and other Tri County Link riders have positive reports on this needed service, which would otherwise leave them stranded, paying for more expensive housing elsewhere or burning up as much as 32 Dollars worth of gasoline while spending four hours a day behind the driver’s wheel in heavy traffic.

Full schedules and maps for this route can be found on the Tri County Link website on its


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