School Transit Options Expand this Fall

Aug 11, 2013- East Cooper now has public transit options which can assist students traveling to and from school, when the existing school bus service doesn’t meet the need.  Thanks to the new Google Transit online trip planning service, Students can plan their trips through the entire CARTA system online, on their Android smart phones and most other connected devices.  The system can be accessed from Google Maps Transit and the website.  Iphones and Ipads currently work, but will require a new app shortly as Apple ends its relationship with Google.  Learn how to use Google Transit in this video on right.

Students can also use the new Bus Tracker service to find out exactly when their bus will be at their stop base on real time GPS Data.

Wando High School

Wando High School begins its third  full year with regular CARTA service this week, but the #40 bus will run more often, every 40 minutes now.  Wando now has a real bus stop with a bench and concrete pad (necessary for riders using wheelchairs) for the use of students.  The #40 Trans Mount Pleasant bus makes stops at Wando before running all the way to downtown Charleston.  It also links with the #41 Coleman Blvd.  for trips up and down Coleman Blvd.  Mount Pleasant.  Tri County Link (the rural transit service) can also help students living in Awendaw and McClellenville reach Wando.  Please note that while Google Transit shows a bus stop in front of the School, the stop is actually out on Carolina Park Blvd.  The CARTA 40 allows students to stay after school at Wando for sports, extracurricular activities and tutoring.

Improved Bus Stop at Wando High School in Mount Pleasant, SC has slab, bench.

Improved Bus Stop at Wando High School in Mount Pleasant, SC has slab, bench.

Google Transit link to the next several trips from Wando High School To

  1. Downtown Charleston
  2. Mount Pleasant Town Center
  3. Sea Island Shopping Center / Mount Pleasant Old Village area
  4. James Island

College and CARTA

College Students also have public transit options.  Mt. Pleasant’s new Trident Tech Campus is connected by both the #40 Route.  College of Charleston Students can reach the campus downtown on the #40 or Express and use their student IDs for free travel on CARTA.  Many CofC students travel out to Mount Pleasant to Shop, visiting retailers ranging from Belks at Towne Centre to the very popular Goodwill Store at Six Mile road and N. 17.   The new #41 Coleman Blvd. Route Links the C of C Patriot’s Point Athletic Complex directly to the visitor’s center.

Middle Schools

A new Park West Stop for the 40 has been established on Highway 17 near Cario Middle School.  Moultrie Middle School has service on the #41 Coleman Blf. Route.  Our friends at the University School of the Lowcountry produced a video last year about riding the bus (on left).  That school is now served by the New 41.

While it is something of a Walk, Laing Students can walk to stops for the 40.

Schools and community groups can contract with CARTA for a group trip at huge savings over renting a bus or paying individual fares.  It has to be arranged in advance and the bus has to follow its normal schedule and route.  Contact CARTA for details. 

Family time is precious and CARTA is a tool for reclaiming some of it from the automobile, while providing a safe option for the trip home after school.

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