Straphangers Speak to Mt. Pleasant Town Council on Bus Stops July 10

Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA- Bus Stops will be the focus of remarks directed at Mount Pleasant Town Council on Tuesday, July 10 at 6 pm, when members of the Hungryneck Straphangers attend the meeting to raise concerns about plans for bus stops along the town’s new roadways now nearing completion.  Town Council will meet at Mt. Pleasant Town hall at 100 Ann Edwards Lane, a short walk from stops for the CARTA #40 & #401 buses.

East Cooper CARTA Riders will make a presentation to the East Cooper Democrats at the Wednesday, May 25th about Cooperstop

CARTA 40 Stop at Greater Goodwill Church, near Highway 17 & 41. This important location needs a bench and shelter since riders traveling down 41 are dropped off here to wait for the bus.

Available Bus trips to Mount Pleasant Town Council:

For full information see or call (843) 870-5299

Over 100 million dollars will be spent on new road construction East of the Cooper and members want to be sure everyone it working together to be sure safe, accessible transit stops are installed along the new roadways.

Official Roadwise Project web page for Johnnie Dodds Blvd.

When calling for interested transit riders and members of the public to Attend, William Hamilton, coordinator of the Hungryneck Straphangers said:

When the half penny sales tax for road construction was approved by voters, the public was assured the new roadways would be ‘complete streets’ usable by transit riders, pedestrians, cyclists and cars.  We want to be sure that as contractors and governments rush to complete these massive projects that proper bus stops are not forgotten.  Installing them later would be more expensive and disruptive to traffic.” said

As sidewalks and existing bus stop benches have been torn up during construction, ridership on the buses East of the Cooper has slumped as expected, after having reached new records earlier.  Many stops have simply disappeared during construction.  Walking along these roadways has become difficult and dangerous, particularly for the elderly and disabled.  Since CARTA evaluates bus routes competitively, infrastructure to support a solid recovery must be in place when these roads are completed to support returning ridership on our routes to competitive levels.

An image of a bland bus stop that is at Hungryneck and Sweetgrass Shopping Center

Bus stop for 40, 401 & 402 on Hungryneck adjacent to BI-LO near Town Centre. This is not an "official" stop but is very actively used by employees at nearby Hotels and Retail businesses.

We’re confident if we have comfortable places to wait for our buses and the sidewalks to reach them in place, transit ridership East of the Cooper will recover after construction and resume the rapid growth taking place earlier this year.  We also want to continue to push for plans for an “East Cooperstop” centrally located to enable all East Cooper Transit services to be connected somewhere near the intersection of I526 and Highway 17.

Citizens can make short remarks during the public comment period allowed during Town Council meetings.  Maps and diagrams showing the location of needed stops can also be handed up.

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Upcoming Riders’ Advocacy Event

Citizen's Hearing on Public Transit

SC State Senator Marlon Kimpson and Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit, Inc. invite the people of the SC Lowcountry to the first Citizen’s Hearing on Public Transit on Tuesday, August 4 from 6 to 8 pm. at the International Longshoreman’s Hall at 1142 Morrison Dr, in Charleston, SC. The Longshoreman’s Hall is on the CARTA 11, 10, 20 & 104 Bus lines.

This will be an old fashioned type of public hearing. Anyone present will be given the opportunity to speak to the entire gathering, to put up images for everyone to see and to file written comments in a publically available internet archive.

Local organizations and campaigns will be offered the opportunity to setup information tables. However we’re asking political candidates to present their thoughts at public forums to be held in the fall and to use this opportunity to hear from the public. We record the entire hearing and stream it to the internet.

Food trucks will be available in the parking lot to provide evening meals for those present.

Input received at this hearing will be used to help Senator Kimpson and Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit shape their respective plans for moving our region towards more efficient and useful public transit in the next year.

Full information on this effort can be found at