Support the Best Possible Vehicle for DASH Service

New DASH buses are being planned for Charleston now. Your input can help produce the best possible result. DASH buses for the City of Charleston now in service are far past their design life and face an increasingly difficult challenge of finding repair parts. Last year CARTA, with the assistance of it’s operating company Transdev, […]

Plan Public Transit Progress for Fall 2015

Our Fall 2015 goal is to organize an active community of 1000 residents in the Lowcountry working actively on progress toward better public transit with the goal of building a system capable of transporting a passenger from downtown Charleston to major destinations within the metropolitan area within 40 minutes by the year 2022, or from N. […]

March to the Sea July 18 Free Shuttle

Sponsors of the Straphanger’s March to the Sea free Bus shuttle include SC Coastal Conservation League– 12 Seats John Tecklinberg for Mayor Campaign- 5 Seats William Hamilton Law Office- 5 Seats George and Carol Temple- 2 Seats If you would like to sponsor some seats ($20 per seat) on the bus Contact Us Shuttle Schedule […]