Straphanger’s March to the Sea

Return here for detailed information on evolving plans for Hungryneck Straphangers July 18, 2015 demonstration march to the Sea. Revision and elaboration of these materials is expected. This will be a peaceful demonstration. No arrests are anticipated. This is a tentative event for which we’re recruiting support and partners. If your organization would like to […]

AFP’s Dishonest Stunt at Summerville Pumps

On Friday, May 1, Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit ( will respond to the dishonesty associated with a discount gas publicity stunt being conducted in Summerville on Thursday by the dark money political group Americans for Prosperity. We’ll be available to the press from 9:30 to 10 am at Washington Park in Downtown Charleston, near […]

Transit Enable Long Savannah Development

Adding another 4500 – 6000 auto dependent residences to a West Ashley transportation system already overloaded with cars guarantees gridlock and perpetuates a landscape which doesn’t even work for the half of the population which drives an automobile. Any proposal to approve such a development like Long Savannah West of the Ashley must include a […]

Stand Up 4 Lowcountry Public Transit- #SU4T

The SC Lowcountry is currently engaged in a struggle to preserve and improve it’s public transit, connected to a nationwide effort to protect public transit. Act Today- See our Mary Bowers 520 #SU4T page for the activities planned for Wed. May 20 including attending the CARTA Board Meeting and sign our online petition before 5 am, […]

Sanford Skypes With Transit Advocates, N. Charleston Organizing Sat.

Congressman Mark Sanford reached out to activists at our April 23rd. demonstration against in a Skype videocall from his office in Washington.  In an intense, but cordial 20 minute exchange five activists discussed the importance of public transit to the people and economy of the Lowcountry. Congressman Sanford said his intent in introducing the legislation was to […]