Schedule for Straphanger’s March to the Sea

We’ll add details, links and background to this schedule as the date for the Straphanger’s March to the Sea Approaches. Major parts of the effort have their own web pages linked from here. Please see safty and legal notes at bottom of schedule. For information on our entire effort to build a better regional rapid […]

Better Transit to Our Beaches and Across our Region

Our effort began at the beach, the edge of the Lowcountry with the Straphangers March to the Sea and moves inland towards the creation of a real, regional rapid transit system that connects work, home, community and the beach is a future free of congestion and road rage which gives everyone, with and without the car the […]

Use CARTA Shuttle Buses to Bridge to Peace Unity Chain Memorial Event

The final shuttle arrangements to the Bridge to Peace Event have been distributed in an official Press Release from CARTA, reprinted in full at the end of this page. These differ significantly from the original tentative plan we posted here Friday. Bridge to Peace – Unity Chain for Emanuel AME Church On Sunday, June 21st. […]

Charleston Must Begin a Shared Journey to Somewhere Better

Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit has rescheduled their Dump the Pump Day observance at Marion Square for Tuesday, June 23 at 10 am. We had members in the room last night when the shooting happened. We hope they’re all healthy and well and we greive for the nine people killed and their families. Our motto has always […]