Schedule for Straphanger’s March to the Sea

We’ll add details, links and background to this schedule as the date for the Straphanger’s March to the Sea Approaches. Major parts of the effort have their own web pages linked from here. Please see safty and legal notes at bottom of schedule. For information on our July 12 Launch Party and August 4th. Citizens […]

Bring Buses Back to Lowcountry Beaches

Help bring public transit buses back to Charleston area beaches. Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit believes buses are a great way to go to the beach, as do beach goers around the world. Currently parking at Lowcountry beaches is exhausted by noon on summer weekends. Life at the beach is rendered miserable by hours of […]

The Last Transit Cuts in a New Century

CARTA’s decisions to change and reduce bus service in the Lowcountry on June 3 are an understandable, but ultimately regrettable compromise with a local culture which remains fixated on automobile transportation even as that system has begun to strangle the civic, cultural and economic life of the region. Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit hopes this […]

Sand Sculpt a Model for Lowcountry Rapid Transit

On July 18, 2015 the community will take build a sand sculpture model of the regional rapid transit system the Lowcountry needs as a sand castle complex on the front beach of the Isle of Palms following the Straphanger’s March to the Sea. The beach will give visionary artists, architects and planners the space to show […]

Straphanger’s March to the Sea

Update July 26- We have a new front page for their effort, which links to more detailed information. We’ll be narrowing the coverage of this page to make things clearer. Please see our Bring Our Buses Back to Lowcountry Beaches page for full, updated information at Permits for this event have now been issued by […]