Help North 17 Public Transit Work for Everyone

Hungryneck Straphangers is planning a Public Transit Outreach Campaign in the area surrounding North Highway 17 from Highway 41 Outward to Ten Mile from Feb. 27 to March 8.  This would include working with Park West, Charleston National, businesses in the Area, the 10 Mile Community, Whitehall Terrace, Wando High School and Carolina Park. We […]

Going Somewhere Together 2013

Welcome aboard, Transit Riders going somewhere together in 2013! Five Million trips will be made on Charleston County Public Transit this year.  Auto is optional for a new generation & economy evolving new priorities.  The urban, elderly, tourists, disabled, students and people too busy to drive are experiencing smarter, more connected mobility. Transit builds a […]

Better, Faster, Safer and More Often on the Bus

Everybody wants it better, faster, safer and more often. (We’re talking about transit here.) In November 2012 Bus Transit Riders East of the Cooper will have a major opportunity to improve the quality of their experience for themselves and the growing number of riders in our area, which has increased about 74% on the 40 […]

School Transit Options Expand this Fall

Aug 11, 2013- East Cooper now has public transit options which can assist students traveling to and from school, when the existing school bus service doesn’t meet the need.  Thanks to the new Google Transit online trip planning service, Students can plan their trips through the entire CARTA system online, on their Android smart phones […]

Better Bus Stops for Coleman Blvd.

An impressive array of display boards at February 28th. Coleman Blvd. Revitalization drop in meeting at Moultrie Middle school showed years of community effort coming together to create a main street for Mount Pleasant which will be transit enabled, complete with carefully planned bus stop locations. The two hour drop in drew dozens of participants […]