Thanks Mr. Thigpen Bench Repaired

Two weeks ago the donated bench for the #40 Bus stop at N. Shelmore Drive in Mount Pleasant was found taken apart in the bushes.  This stop gets moderate use and is a pleasant one due to it’s shade, good sidewalk access in three directions, nearby store with restrooms and available rain shelter when necessary under the nearby Bank Drive through.  The bench was donated by the I’On Biznet community organization several years ago.

Interior View of CARTA bus

Interior view of CARTA bus.

Upon finding the bench disassembled, we contacted Steve Thigpen, Director of Transportation Development, who handles public issues for the JDB highway reconstruction project.  Two days later we recieved this wonderful news in his reply.

 Mr. Hamilton,

We have looked at the bench near the CVS. We found the bench in a pile and it appears that someone had taken the bench apart and put it behind the orange fencing in a pile. We did not find any broken pieces that would indicate that the bench had been run over by construction equipment. The contractor has reassembled the bench with new bolts and placed it so that it can be used by bus riders. I sat on the bench this morning and the bench is sturdy.

Please let me know if you should have any additional questions regarding the bench.
We want to thank the road crew and Mr. Thigpen for putting our bus stop back together.  Riders were sitting on the curb, which is never a good thing.  The trash can, bus stop sign and bench are now all together again for the first time in many years.  While we continue to work for better stops as part of the highway project, anything which makes riding the bus better is always welcome.  Mt. Pleasant Town Council and CARTA Board Member Linda Page and the Hungrynexk Straphangers have both expressed their thanks for the help, which was sent out over both Facebook and Twitter.
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