Vote for Transit in Election for Congress March 19

Vote for Transit in the Primary, March 19

Linda Page of the CARTA board & Mt. Pleasant Town Council speaks to candidates in a rainy Kmart parking lot on Feb. 7

Linda Page of the CARTA board & Mt. Pleasant Town Council speaks to candidates in a rainy Kmart cURRENparking lot on FcURR

The Primary phase of this election has ended- Updated information on this election and Transit Voter activities can be found on our Farebox to Ballot Box Page


Thanks and congratulation to the Seven candidates for the First District US Congress Special election who took one of our four guided rides on CARTA in February and March.  Early voting is now available at the Election Commission Warehouse on Headquarters Road in N. Charleston, a short walk from the CARTA stop on Dorchester Road, near it’s intersection with Leeds Ave, served by the Dorchester Road #11 Bus.  Google Transit Directions to the Election Commission from Mary Street, Downtown Charleston. Anyone over 65, full time students and people who have to work on election day, and seven other categories of voter can vote now.  Everyone can vote on the Primary election day, Tuesday, March 19 from 7 am to 7 pm.  For questions about voting, contact the Election Commission at (843) 744-8683 or see their website at

When you are contacted by candidates before the primary, remember to tell them you ride, you vote and you want to know what they’re going to do if elected to help our community continue the journey to better public transit.  About one third of CARTA’s budget comes from funds appropriated by the US Congress, including grand funding for the purchase of new buses and funds to pay operating expenses.

Thanks for Taking a CARTA Ride with US

Below are the Candidates who got on board with the riders before March 15, 2013.  Best wishes to all of you who made part of your campaign’s journey with us.  The links take you to their websites or facebook pages where you can study their positions and ask them questions which you need answered to decide how to vote.  Those without a date or route listed did not ride with us despite a vigorous recruitment effort by local Republican and Democratic transit riders.


  1. Elizabeth Colbert Busch (D)  Colbert Busch Facebook  rode with us on March 14, Coleman Bvd, 41.
  2. Ben Frasier

Green Party

  • Eugene Platt (G)
  • Larry Carter Center (G) rode with us in the rain on Feb. 7, The Green Party selected Platt to be it’s nominee at their meeting on March 9.  Greens use a meeting system to pick their candidate instead of a primary.


  1. Keith Blandford  indicates that he will not be riding, and that he is opposed to public transportation,
  2. Curtis Bostic or Bostic on Facebook
  3. Ric Bryant rode in the Morning on Feb. 28, North Charlston Exp.
  4. Larry Grooms or Larry Grooms on Facebook
  5. Johnathan Hoffman rode in the rain, Feb. 7, Mt. P. Exp & 40
  6. John Kuhn
  7. Jeff King
  8. Tim Larkin rode on Feb. 13, Mt. P. Exp & 40
  9. Chip Limehouse or Chip Limehouse on Facebook
  10. Peter McCoy
  11. Elizabeth Moffly  rode on Feb. 13. Mt. P. Exp & 40
  12. Ray Nash
  13. Andy Patrick
  14. Shawn Pinkston or Pinkston for Congress on Facebook
  15. Mark  Sanford or  Mark Sanford on Facebook
  16. Teddy Turner rode in the rain on Feb. 7, Mt. P Exp.

Thanks also to Linda Page of the CARTA Board and Mount Pleasant Town Council who met with four of the candidates during their rides.

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